Google Ads Management Services

Looking for a Google Premier Partner to manage your Google Ads campaigns? We help home service businesses grow revenue from Google Ads. We offer a subcontracted Google Ads Management service to agencies, like website design agencies, media buyers and marketing consultants. With Google Ads management services, you can get help optimizing your ads to drive better results for your business.

PPC Services India is a certified Google partner. One of the best Google ads management company in Mumbai, Pune and around the world, has a proven track record verified by its loyal client across the globe.

Since 2013, we’ve been a paid search marketing agency focused on Google Ads management – our services boosting paid search conversions by more than 350%. We’ll apply proven Ads management strategies to your campaign – increasing conversions and eliminating wasted spend!

Grow your business with Google Ads. Avail PPC Services India's Google Ads Management services to boost paid search conversions and make the most of your Google Ad spend today!

  • A Premier Google Partner agency certified in Google Ads
  • Weekly meetings & detailed monthly reporting
  • eCommerce Google Ads strategies focused on online sales

Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform, that can be used to promote your business, sell products or services, and increase traffic. It facilitates reaching the potential customers who use Google to search online. It is one of the most effective methods to attract a large number of customers who want exactly what you have to offer. Thus, to make the best out of it, PPC Services India's Google Ads Management Services manages your Google Ads account, drives quality and potential traffic to your website.

Google Ads allows to set a daily budget for each campaign and choose bids for each bidding group. It gives you control over how to spend your money and show ads to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time. Targeting highly-focused keywords will drive more potential buyers to your site.

For businesses with enthusiastic growth plans, Google Ads is at the top priority. It takes years to rank your website on top for your search queries. But, you can easily rank in SERPs using Google Ads. PPC Services India has a Google campaign manager having years of experience creating and optimizing campaigns in various industries for Google Ads.

Our Google Ads management professionals will make your paid search marketing campaign a success

At PPC Services India, we manage your Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) account, targeting the keywords that drive buyers to your site. Highly focused keyword research determines the most cost-effective approach to obtaining customers searching for precisely what you offer. We develop effective paid search campaigns focusing on meeting your target cost per sale or lead, utilizing powerful research tools, and applying industry experience. By investing in Google Ads, you help highly eager buyers find your site who wouldn’t necessarily find it through traditional (organic) search engine optimization techniques. The combination of our in-house Ads management team, along with CRO, copy, and design experts, makes us the leading Google AdWords company that drives campaign performance.

Google Adwords Management Services Company

Google Ads campaign management services for getting leads on a small budget.

People usually think of Google PPC when hearing or talking about what is pay per click. But pay-per-click goes beyond the Google search engine results pages (SERPs) and the Google Display Network. Social media sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn, also use the pay per click model.

A Google Ads Agency dedicated to scaling your qualified leads in 60 days. Guaranteed! We are a Premier Google Partner - book a strategy call now!

How Do Google Ads Campaign Management Services Work?

Paid Campaign Analysis & Implementation

With an established Google Ads account, we will analyze historical data to find what performs most favorably and tailor other parts to act similarly. We will then change bidding options, keywords, ad text, and destination links to align with our goals. The goal is to drive as many leads and sales as possible per dollar spent.

Conversion Tracking & ROI Analysis

Our reports show which keywords are creating leads or sales and which are not. We monitor this to be sure we are focusing on the keywords that are working best and targeting specific phrases.

Search Network Advertising

We monitor your search network advertising progress and engagement to adjust bids, ads, and keywords to reflect best the traffic that will engage most positively on your site.

Ad Variation & Testing

Multiple ads are tested using A/B testing methods to determine which ads lead to the highest click-through and conversion rates. We will also develop landing pages, copy variations, and test which works best.

Monthly Maintenance

All aspects of the account will be reviewed each month to determine what areas can be improved and ensure the campaign is running smoothly. Negative keywords and changes to your keywords will continuously improve results.

Our end goal is to create a campaign with a high ROI (return on investment) that allows your company to spend wisely and grow profitable month after month. The manual process of reviewing your account ensures you’re not spending too much, and your ads are always shown in the optimal positions to convert. Throughout our process, we’ll discover the key for your website to be successful via PPC and grow the campaign as profitability rises. We work hand-in-hand with you and have conference calls each month to ensure we’re on the same page with goals & results.

As Google Ads management experts we offer the following services:

As a Google Premier Partner, we’re fluent in Google Ads and able to deliver a high return on your ad spend.

  • Keyword research and planning
  • Google Ads campaign budget analysis
  • Competitor ads review
  • Landing page creation and optimization
  • Google Ads campaign set up
  • Google ad copy creation & testing
  • Conversion rate analysis
  • Content review & modifications
  • Google Analytics review
  • Ongoing bid adjustments
  • & much more

Why Have a Google Ads Management Service for Your Business?

Poorly managed Google Ad Campaign is just spending more money than needed to achieve the goals. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Keywords used are not appropriate
  • Running Ads at the wrong time of the day
  • Lack of negative keywords used in the campaign
  • Lack of experience in managing the Ads campaign
  • Attracting visitors to the low converting landing pages
  • Running ads at inappropriate timings

Hence, in order to avoid these issues for your Ad campaign, it is wise to avail the Google Ads service and get the most out of the Ad money spent.

Google Ads Management Services: Drive More Ad Revenue With PPC Services India

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help your business quickly reach qualified leads that turn into revenue. To maximize results with your paid advertising campaigns, consider investing in Google Ads management services. With a team of professionals helping you manage your campaigns, you can maximize ad spend and results.

At PPC Services India, we offer Google Ads management services to help you show your ads to the right people at the right place and right time. Our team of experts has over 10 years of experience running PPC campaigns that help clients grow their businesses.

What to expect from our Google Ads management services

If you want to invest in ads services for Google, look no further than PPC Services India. We provide you with comprehensive management services that help you drive better results with your PPC campaigns.

We customize our packages to fit your needs, and our management fees are based on your ad spend.

Keyword optimization

For your Google ads to appear in relevant search results, you must bid on relevant keywords. When people search key terms related to your business and products or services, you want your ads to appear, so you can drive valuable traffic to your website.

With our Google Ads management services, we’ll conduct keyword research for you and identify the most relevant terms for your ads. We’ll focus on long-tail keywords, which contain three or more words, as these keywords have the lowest bids but drive the most relevant traffic.

Customer and audience match targeting

With PPC Services India managing your Google ads, you can do more than target by keywords. Our Google Ads services include customer and audience match targeting. This type of targeting allows you to show your ads to people who are most likely to buy.

Industry analysis

With Google Ads marketing services from PPC Services India, you’ll get a comprehensive look at your industry and where you stand. We’ll use this information to create PPC ads that appear above competitors’ ads and organic content.

Ad copywriting

Your ad copywriting plays a critical role in whether people engage with your ad content. If you want people to check out your ads and take action, you need to provide them with relevant, enticing information.

Ad testing

At PPC Services India, we do the ad testing for you. We’ll continually make tweaks to your ads to help improve ad performance and conversions.

Ad testing

At PPC Services India, we do the ad testing for you. We’ll continually make tweaks to your ads to help improve ad performance and conversions.

Ad tracking

If you want to drive the best results with your Google ads, you need to continually track your ad performance, so you can adjust and improve campaigns.

With our ads services for Google, we’ll get your Google Ads account set up and start tracking your ad campaigns to monitor performance. We’ll suggest tweaks and improvements based on your ad performance to help you do more with your ad campaigns.

Ad tracking

If you want to drive the best results with your Google ads, you need to continually track your ad performance, so you can adjust and improve campaigns.

With our ads services for Google, we’ll get your Google Ads account set up and start tracking your ad campaigns to monitor performance. We’ll suggest tweaks and improvements based on your ad performance to help you do more with your ad campaigns.

Bid management

At PPC Services India, we help you continually optimize your ad bids and budget, so you can maximize impact, while minimizing cost.

We offer more than Google Ads management services

Once you invest in Google Ads services, you may find you need help in other areas of marketing. You may find your website needs a fresh look or that you want to rank higher in organic search results.

Our Google Ads Campaign Involves Following Process:

  • Best Landing Page creation for good results through campaign
  • AdWords Account Creation
  • Website & Goal Analysis
  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • Keyword Research
  • Text Ads & Image Ads Creation
  • Ad Copy Testing
  • Bid Management
  • Placement Sites Targeting
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Continuous execution, monitoring the Ads for better performance
  • Reporting the performance on weekly or monthly basis
  • Regular call to Google team for better performance.

Google Ads Agency For More Sales & ROI

Launching and growing Google Ads shouldn’t be difficult, expensive, or inconsistent. PPC Services India is more than a Google Ads agency, our Paid Growth System delivers a proven, full-funnel approach for increasing conversions and decreasing your cost per lead — resulting in consistent sales and ROI.

If you hire a Google Ads management company that only offers PPC services, you’ll have to hire additional companies to manage your other strategies. That means you’ll have to be the middle person for all these companies and communicate between them.

When you invest in Google ads services, you want a strategy that will help your company drive the revenue you desire. At PPC Services India, we have a rich history of driving results that make our clients happy.

A Google Ads Agency Focused on Maximizing Your ROI from Paid Search

PPC Services India marketing experts excel at creating Google Ad campaigns that scale conversions while maintaining ROAS.

With PPC Services India, you can get full Google Ads management service that gives your business the edge over your competitors. As a result, numerous brands have gained optimum business with these services at low costs and risks. The certified PPC experts at our company don't follow a standard approach for every client but rather devise a custom PPC strategy with all your constraints, requirements, and objectives in mind. Adapting various marketing techniques is essential for a business to succeed in a competitive industry. Enhance your business with customized and profitable Google Ad Campaign Management services and reach a wide audience. We offer a complete suite of Google Ads Management Services.

As a Google Ads management company, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced PPC consultants with years of hands-on experience in delivering better results. In addition, we have design and copywriting pros to produce high-impact ads & dynamic PPC landing pages.

Google Ads Management for eCommerce Websites

We help eCommerce sites become visible at the exact time a potential customer is looking to purchase. Just like you have complete control over your advertising budget, you also have complete control over which searches trigger your ads to show. This is beneficial for eCommerce Google Ads clients because we can focus our efforts around keywords that show clear purchase intent. Although you would want to rank for searches like “new shoes” or “types of basketball shoes” for organic search results, your advertising dollars would be best spent on searches like “buy shoes online” since people searching for that phrase would be more likely to complete a purchase. We also help clients leverage the ads within Google Shopping, where they can see your product, learn about the item in more detail, and compare/contrast on why you are the better option than some of your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads is the name of Google's pay-per-click (PPC) platform, which allows businesses to gain visibility across Google's properties. Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform, where advertisers pay per click (or impression) on an ad.

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is Google's online advertising platform. This platform enables you to place search ads, display ads, YouTube ads, and more. To place an ad, you choose how you want to target your ad, where you want to place it, and how much you want to bid on ad space. Google Ads uses a pay-per-click (PPC) model, so you only pay when a user clicks on your ad.

With Google Ads management services, an agency manages your advertising campaigns for you and helps you make the most of your advertising budget. These services may include creating an advertising strategy, keyword research, ad targeting, ad copywriting, design, ad testing, bid management, ad tracking, reporting, and more.

Google ads management allows your brand to work with experts to enable your business to get noticed, attract traffic, and generate conversions from ads in the search results.

This should include regular optimization, reports, and complimentary services such as Bing ads, landing page design services, and SEO. At PPC Services India, we are a full-service digital agency dedicated to getting our clients highly-qualified leads with a full-funnel approach to marketing.

Google Ads has the most sophisticated platform for paid search, strongly outperforming competitors like Bing Ads. Google Ads allows advertisers to set a daily budget for each campaign and choose bids for each ad group and keyword. Campaign settings include features such as ad schedules, location settings, and mobile device settings. In addition, the Ads Keyword Planner allows you to brainstorm and evaluate the strength of keywords for your campaigns.

PPC Services India has a team of dedicated PPC specialists with years of experience creating and optimizing campaigns in a wide range of industries for Google Ads. Our PPC specialists specialize in PPC advertising for home service companies, including:

  • Contractors
  • Electricians
  • Fire protection companies
  • Flooring contractors
  • Franchises (home services)
  • Garage door companies
  • Home builders
  • HVAC companies
  • Landscapers
  • Movers
  • Painters
  • Pest control companies
  • Plumbers
  • Remodeling companies
  • Roofers
  • Solar companies
  • Portable storage companies and self-storage facilities
  • Window and door companies

Our PPC specialists work with an account manager to learn every aspect of a client’s business model to better manage the Ads (Adwords) account, including:

  • The client’s sales funnel
  • The lead-to-sale ratio
  • The visit-to-lead ratio
  • Profit margins for each product and service sold

If you are using Google Ads to make your online business visible? Have you wasted a lot of money and still haven’t get desired results? Don’t just do it again and hands it on certified Google Ads professional to get rid of money wastage, make you each penny spend worth and drive qualitative and potential traffic to your website. Rather than focusing on more spend, we focus on bringing valuable traffic from the spending which drive you real results in no time. From the billions of searches conducted on Google every day, we assure your products reach to potential customers with our efforts and service. Managing ads in a better way needs a lot of experience and expertise, not every business has enough expertise and time for. Till date, we have worked with many companies, from new businesses to large enterprises and driven proven results with 100% success ratio. There is no reason to waste money and time when you can utilize expertise of PPC Services India to do it for you!

If you’re ready to invest in Google advertising management services, look no further than PPC Services India. With over 10 years of experience in creating successful, revenue-driving ad campaigns, we’re an unmatched partner for helping your business grow.

We customize your campaigns

When you invest in Google ads services, you want campaigns that drive leads and sales. To maximize results with your PPC ads, you need a campaign tailored to your company and goals.

We keep you in the loop about your ad results

When you invest in Google Ads management services, you want to know what’s happening with your campaigns. You want your marketing company to keep you informed about your campaign progress, so you know that your Google ads drive the results you desire.

We’re a Google Premier Partner

As a Google Premier Partner, we know the ins and outs of Google and can help you craft a campaign that drives more leads and revenue for your business.

While choosing a PPC management company for your business make sure you choose a company that is an experienced and established player in its niche, has a good reputation in the market and is a good fit for your company and its needs.

Many agencies use the same formulaic approach to achieve satisfactory results for their clients. This cut-and-paste method of PPC advertising hinders business growth and could cost your business countless dollars in untapped revenue.

At PPC Services India, we make sure that every client receives a custom-built Google Ads strategy with their specific goals and desired outcomes in mind. We deliver quarterly plans based on our research, testing and results to ensure that you’re always hitting the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Many agencies consider their job done once they’ve driven a form submission, but at PPC Services India we work with your CRM and sales team to make sure we’re driving quality, valuable leads. Our team members hold certifications in Marketo, HubSpot and other tools to make certain we’re able to optimize towards the most valuable leads in real time.

Our average launch takes 1-3 weeks depending on the size of your campaign and whether you already have an account or need to create one from scratch. We will provide a launch estimate and plan during your free Google Ads strategy session. Because we are a full service digital marketing agency and not only setting up your Google Ads account, we also create your landing pages and design your Google Display Network Ads during this setup period.

This heavily depends on your goals and competitive landscape, so we will work closely with you to determine an ideal budget for your specific business. We leverage industry benchmarks for cost-per-click amounts, combined with expected search volume, and calculate what the budget will need to be to achieve your goals. If you don’t have a specific goal, that’s OK. We will give you a few budget suggestions and you can choose the one you are most comfortable with. Of course, this amount can always be adjusted based on performance, if you decide you’d like to ramp up spend higher to earn even more sales or leads.

PPC SERVICES : Drive Sales With PPC Management Services

Pay-per-click (PPC) management services provide a professional service to manage your PPC campaign and strategy for a set fee.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

PPC Management Services

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management services are a form of advertising in which a service provider is hired to run advertisements on search engines, social media platforms, and other relevant channels in order to drive traffic to a website through click-through rates and/or website visits. A Pay-Per-Click management agency is aware of the objectives of its client and is committed to helping them reach their buyers, regardless of whether they are running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other forms of advertising.

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Remarketing Ads
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Remarketing Ads

Ads for remarketing are displayed to people who have visited your website and expressed interest in buying. With accurate audience segmentation and analytics, we can show you the ads for real-time products that people have actually viewed. With such a high-intent audience, our strategic remarketing strategy is perfect for following up.

Google Shopping Ads
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads (also known as Google PLA Ads or Google Shopping Ads) are an ideal tool for ecommerce and online retail businesses, as they are displayed in the carousel above the natural search results and in the shopping section of Google's GDN. This allows ecommerce companies to quickly rank their products at the forefront of Google's search results pages.

In-stream Ads
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

In-stream Ads

In-stream advertisements are also referred to as YouTube ads. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are displayed on the search results page of YouTube, on YouTube videos, and on Display Network video partners. YouTube ads showcase your brand in a distinctive and memorable manner. In-stream ads have recently been introduced on Facebook, enabling businesses to position advertisements in the optimal slots and natural interruptions in video content.

Local Services Ads
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Local Services Ads

Local service ads work on a pay-per-click (PPC) model. That means you’re not paying for clicks that aren’t leads. Local service advertising is only available in a handful of markets. HVAC company, electrician, plumber and locksmith are just a few examples. Our local service PPC firm works with local providers to increase the visibility of their businesses to their target audience.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

One of the most widely used forms of advertising in Gmail is GSP, which was launched in 2015. GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotion) allows recipients to send a customised message to a specific recipient. GSP is a form of advertising provided by Google, which is advertising that is placed directly in the inbox of the Gmail user.