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Pay-Per-Click / PPC management for your pest control company includes strategy, implementation, reporting, and more. Request a free PPC consultation.

A Leader In Pest Control Marketing. At PPC Services India, we provide PPC management services for pest control companies, exterminators, and wildlife control companies

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What is Pest Control PPC?

Essentially, PPC is a way of making sure that the customers you want are seeing your name come up first when they search for the pest control services that you provide – you get the right calls from the right customers quickly.

Why Is PPC for Pest Control Companies Important?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management, PPC, pay-per-click, or paid search is a method of getting potential customers to go to your website, set up an appointment, get a quote, call your offices or a number of other actions. You’ve probably seen some PPC ads on Google, Facebook, or other kinds of social media, with “Sponsored” or “Ad” next to the title. These PPC ads that show up in your Facebook feed or your Google searches aren’t put there randomly, they’re based on what you search for on Google and what places you visit on the internet.

Did you know that:

  • 75% of people say paid search ads make it easier to find the information they search for on a website or search engine
  • Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 spent on Google Ads
  • 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on search results page

If you’re not investing in pest control pay per click services, you’re missing out on valuable real estate on search engines like Google and Bing. And unlike SEO for pest control companies, PPC can provide both short-term and long-term, high-dollar ROI.

Pest Control Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click (PPC) advertising for pest control companies is a highly controllable, affordable way to generate more website traffic, leads, and booked jobs from local customers in your area. As consumers switch to an “I need it now” mindset, it’s our team’s job to help your business meet them where they search for pest control companies—online.

PPC Management for Pest Control Companies

At PPC Services India, we provide PPC management services for pest control companies, exterminators, and wildlife control companies. With more than a decade of experience as the leader in home services digital marketing, we know how to grow your business and keep your phone ringing. This allows you to focus on what matters most—running your business.

Google Ads for Pest Control Companies

Google Ads is one of the most powerful ways to utilize digital paid advertising for your pest control company.

  • Create a Winning Google Ads Strategy
  • Increase Phone Calls & Enquiries
  • Full Setup, Support & Google Ads Optimisation
  • Scale Your Pest Control Business
  • Proven Pest Control campaign structure to ensure you get low cost, high quality enquiries

Pest control PPC services built around your needs.

PPC takes time to get right, but we don’t see that as a reason to make you commit to year-long contracts. Our month-to-month agreement ensures your pest control PPC campaigns always get our full attention and best work. If we don’t get great results for you, you’re free to find an agency that’s a better fit.

From goal setting to adjusting bids, there are a lot of moving parts in pay-per-click advertising. It would be easy to hide behind the complexity of PPC management when it’s time to show results, but that’s not how we do business. You’ll receive full reporting every month in terms you can understand, and we’re always available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Why Choose PPC Services India As Your Pest Control PPC Company

PPC Services India’s pay-per-click marketing campaigns are well-researched and backed by data, resulting in profitable results and return on investment (ROI). Our clients have benefited from highly successful PPC advertising campaigns. With our PPC experts and advanced tools, we are able to deliver top-notch ads for all our clients.

Our pest control PPC experts use advanced search tools and software that allow us to outbid your competitors for high-performing keywords.

Our pest control PPC experts work hand-in-hand with our web development team to create and optimize existing landing pages. In doing so, we can build up your client base by driving more traffic to your lead generation channels.

Our PPC agency for pest control offers comprehensive PPC management solutions. Whether you need to optimize your current paid ads or you want to launch a new PPC campaign, the PPC Services India team can help.

PPC Services India’s PPC agency for pest control specializes in creating data-driven paid advertising campaigns. Our highly-targeted ad copy is expertly tailored to meet your budget and business goals. We are certified Google partners and our team follows the latest paid ad models to drive campaign success.

PPC Services India’s pest control PPC company specializes in Google and Bing ads. We put your pest control products and services directly in front of your target audience. Through our pay-per-click management solutions, we turn passive browsers into paying customers.

Partnering with PPC Services India for your PPC: What to expect

As you look into PPC advertising for pest control companies, you may find that you don’t have the time to dedicate to creating an effective campaign. Instead of neglecting your PPC campaign or nixing it all together, you can partner with a PPC company like PPC Services India.

At PPC Services India, we’ll provide you with everything you need to run a successful PPC campaign, including:

  • A custom PPC strategy: You’ll get a strategy that’s unique to your business.
  • Keyword targeting: We’ll help you target relevant keywords for your pest control company.
  • Keyword development and tweaking: We’ll help you discover new keywords to target and tweak your current keywords to maximize your results.
  • Ad copy development: Our team will help you create ad copy that generates more interest and clicks on your ads.
  • Google Analytics integration: When you partner with PPC Services India, we’ll help you set up your  Google Analytics account, so you can track your campaign’s progress.
  • Strategic bid management: We’ll help you continuously  optimize your bid  to ensure you get the most from your budget.
  • Website call tracking: We’ll track up phone calls each month to help you understand what’s driving people to contact your business.
  • And more

Invest in PPC for pest control companies today

Pest control PPC is a great method for you to earn more valuable leads for your business. When you don’t have the time to dedicate to PPC, you can rely on a PPC expert, like PPC Services India, to help you launch and manage your campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC stands for “pay-per-click,” and it’s a form of digital advertising where companies only pay when a searcher clicks on one of their ads. Other names for this type of advertising include search engine marketing (SEM) and paid search. PPC can quickly drive traffic to your site, while boosting brand awareness. Platforms that sell PPC advertising include Google, Bing, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

PPC campaigns are designed to deliver specific benefits, including:

  • Brand awareness: First, a paid ad gets seen and, every time that happens, brand recognition is being built among users. This is true, even when it doesn’t get clicks. There isn’t a way to measure how many people simply see your ad, but having it near the top of the page is still an opportunity to promote your brand as one of quality. That’s something we know from traditional advertising and marketing.
  • Accessibility: Because every company has equal access to Google Ads, this form of digital marketing really is a great equalizer. This means that an ad for your pest control company can appear right next to a global brand’s ad and, because it doesn’t have to cost much to get started, PPC does provide ease of accessibility for companies of nearly every size.
  • Targeting qualified leads: Having traffic is one thing, while having the right traffic is the important thing. With PPC, you’ll have the ability to target audiences that will be more likely to notice your ads and then engage with them. With paid search, you can home in on an audience by time of day, location, device, age, and so forth. This is a key way that PPC is differentiated from SEO.
  • Conversions: In the online world, each step that takes a prospect closer to your ultimate goal (likely, a purchase) is called a conversion. PPC ads guide prospects along that process, taking people to a landing page that can further reinforce your messaging and keep them on the conversion pathway, increasing the likelihood that they’ll convert. Signing up for your company’s email list is an example of a conversion. 
  • Data and insights: With paid search, you can gain important insights into competitor strategies, while also learning more about your own audiences. Slice, dice, test—and ultimately create a digital marketing strategy that really shines. As you examine patterns, behaviors, conversions, and more, you can use this information to boost other marketing efforts.
  • If you’d like to find out what PPC management for pest control companies can do to help you meet your particular business needs, please get in touch.

It may not be for every business, but paid search is an efficient way to generate quality leads in a fairly short amount of time. When done right, it’s affordable, often making it worth the investment.

Our PPC Services India team can take an initial look at your situation and your budget estimate, and let you know if PPC would be a good option (or if it isn’t). Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

When selecting a PPC agency, use the same criteria as you would with any type of service provider:

  • Technical expertise: Look for an agency with deep technical skills. Although there’s some art involved, it’s largely science based. Also look for an agency that keeps up with the ongoing changes of PPC because paid search continually evolves. Plus, the agency you choose should be highly skilled in creating ads and landing pages. 
  • Reputation: Take a two-pronged approach: ask for references and check out online reviews. 
  • Customization: Every element that makes your pest control business unique can play a role in your paid search strategy because PPC must be customized to each client’s business. What works for one location, for example, won’t necessarily work for another.
  • Results: Nothing is more compelling than positive results an agency gets for clients, especially if they’re in the same industry as your business. So, ask an agency for this information. If you don’t get what you need, move on. 
  • Customer service: Ask for the contact information of your day-to-day contact and how easily available this person will be. Also ask how often reports will be sent to you, what they’ll include, and in what format. Paid search campaigns are complex and you’ll want comprehensive information about how yours is performing. It’s too easy for an agency to just provide part of the story. 
  • Contracts: Get information about the length of your contract. Many reputable PPC firms will operate on a month-by-month contract, while others will want a longer commitment. While a longer contract isn’t necessarily a red flag, that is a situation that is more favorable to the agency, rather than your pest control company.

Signing up is free and you’ll only pay when someone clicks on one of your Google Ads or when a phone call is triggered. Then, how much you’ll pay depends upon a variety of factors. The ultimate cost for this advertising will depend on your ad’s relevance, how much competition there is for the targeted keywords, and how many clicks you get. Different keywords have different costs, with some being so expensive that they’re just not worth using. If you’re new to paid search and would like to know more about how costs are determined, please give us a call.

PPC SERVICES : Drive Sales With PPC Management Services

Pay-per-click (PPC) management services provide a professional service to manage your PPC campaign and strategy for a set fee.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

PPC Management Services

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management services are a form of advertising in which a service provider is hired to run advertisements on search engines, social media platforms, and other relevant channels in order to drive traffic to a website through click-through rates and/or website visits. A Pay-Per-Click management agency is aware of the objectives of its client and is committed to helping them reach their buyers, regardless of whether they are running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other forms of advertising.

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Remarketing Ads
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Remarketing Ads

Ads for remarketing are displayed to people who have visited your website and expressed interest in buying. With accurate audience segmentation and analytics, we can show you the ads for real-time products that people have actually viewed. With such a high-intent audience, our strategic remarketing strategy is perfect for following up.

Google Shopping Ads
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads (also known as Google PLA Ads or Google Shopping Ads) are an ideal tool for ecommerce and online retail businesses, as they are displayed in the carousel above the natural search results and in the shopping section of Google's GDN. This allows ecommerce companies to quickly rank their products at the forefront of Google's search results pages.

In-stream Ads
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

In-stream Ads

In-stream advertisements are also referred to as YouTube ads. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are displayed on the search results page of YouTube, on YouTube videos, and on Display Network video partners. YouTube ads showcase your brand in a distinctive and memorable manner. In-stream ads have recently been introduced on Facebook, enabling businesses to position advertisements in the optimal slots and natural interruptions in video content.

Local Services Ads
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Local Services Ads

Local service ads work on a pay-per-click (PPC) model. That means you’re not paying for clicks that aren’t leads. Local service advertising is only available in a handful of markets. HVAC company, electrician, plumber and locksmith are just a few examples. Our local service PPC firm works with local providers to increase the visibility of their businesses to their target audience.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

One of the most widely used forms of advertising in Gmail is GSP, which was launched in 2015. GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotion) allows recipients to send a customised message to a specific recipient. GSP is a form of advertising provided by Google, which is advertising that is placed directly in the inbox of the Gmail user.