Search Advertising

Search advertising, often called paid search advertising or search engine marketing, is a marketing technique that involves placing digital advertisements inside search engine results.

Search advertising, also known as paid search advertising, Google advertising, and search engine marketing, is a marketing technique that places online advertisements in search engine results.

Search advertising is one of your most crucial ad channels. We use different terms such as Paid Search, SEM, and PPC, etc. for this. Search advertising campaigns drive leads and revenue for the businesses.

Being one of the best search advertising company PPC Services Indiacreate advertisements by focusing on audience preferences and their requirements.

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Search Ads

Search ads are keyword-driven digital ads. The search term a user enters determines which ads appear on the search engine results page (SERP).

What is Search Advertising?

Search advertising, often called paid search advertising or search engine marketing, is a marketing technique that involves placing digital advertisements inside search engine results. Companies that run search advertising campaigns pay a small fee each time someone clicks on one of their ads. Having the ability to bid on keywords, so ads appear when people are looking for a specific product or service, is a powerful tool for today’s business advertisers.

Broadly speaking, search advertising is a method of using ads that show up when an internet user searches for specific keywords or phrases while looking for a product or service.

Search ads are often run on search engines like Google, Safari, or Bing. Google owns an impressive 92 percent of the search engine market share so we’ll be focusing on Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords. On Google’s search engine results page (SERP), the first three results are often advertisements and are marked and bolded as ‘Ad’. Below is an example of Google Ads for the keyword, “search advertising.”

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Dominate the Market with Paid Search Advertising

You’ve surely noticed that all Google search results (2.3 million!) come with a lot of ads. This paid advertising is incredibly effective for driving qualified and relevant traffic to a website. That’s precisely why businesses of all sizes employ paid search for their product or service. Google offers Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords).

On the SERP, there are two sections of paid search ads. One at the top with organic links and the other at the bottom of the results page. Google marks this advertising with a small green “Ad’’ label around them. In addition, Google also offers re-marketing and banner ads, known as “Display Ad’’, via the Google Display Network.

PPC Services India Search Advertising

Google processes at least 8.5 billion daily searches and there are more than 99,000 search queries every second. Search advertising is a powerful advertising method that allows you to reach a broad targeted audience than you could reach with a TV spot or a billboard. It involves advertising your product or service based on users' intent behind them searching something on search engines. Advertisers focus on keywords so that their ads show up when internet users are looking for exactly the kinds of things they sell.
PPC Services India Search Advertising Company helps you improve visibility in front of customers when they search for businesses on Google Search and Maps. With our strategic services, you get the advertising results that matter to you and pay only for results. As a result, get more leads, customers, and sales with our paid search advertising services.

What industries can benefit from Search Advertising?

While search advertising can benefit all industries and companies to expand their businesses, those with high customer lifetime values need these services to acquire new leads and customers.
Here are the industries that can benefit from paid search advertising services:

  • Academic institutions, colleges, and universities
  • Dentists and doctors
  • Internet service providers
  • Cable operator companies
  • Legal Professional services
  • Home utility services
  • Car franchises
  • Home repair services

PPCService Search Advertising Services

PPC Services India Search Advertising Services helps your business harness PPC advertising as a reliable and profitable channel. We have worked with several B2B and B2C companies to gain quick, quality traffic and valuable conversions with our advertising campaigns.
Our team designs result-oriented Google PPC online advertising campaigns develop display ads, and posts them on the right platforms to reach the maximum audience.
Here is how PPC Services India search advertising company provides the best services to our clients:

Create Account Structure

Create your Google Adwords account structure with different types of ad sets, campaigns, keywords matching your potential customers to ads, and billing information.

High Ranking Keywords

Display Ad content requires high-functioning keywords to match the queries of the audience and their preferences.

Engaging Ads

Team Whisskers creates eye-catching ads based on audience preferences using the right keywords and valued proportions to earn a good quality score. These ads can be placed in Search results, third-party websites, or social media channels.


Our search advertising services take budgeting as an important factor. Therefore, we create ad strategies based on a prescribed budget for online traffic acquisition efforts and take care to stick to them.

How Search Advertising affects Your Business?

Search advertising or paid search advertising extends beyond search queries. Today, businesses should incorporate social media PPC marketing into a comprehensive strategy as social media continues to grow. Video ads, powerful ad copies, and highly targeted ad placements influence the success of pay-per-click ads.
Here is how search advertising services can benefit your business:

Increased Leads and Customers

Google Ads is a leading tool for lead generation. With proper ad campaigns, it can send highly qualified and targeted leads to your website. They also allow a business to focus on the people who are searching specifically for what they want.

High ROI Potential

Search advertising is much different from other marketing strategies. It makes advertisers pay only for ads people click on. Optimized Google Ads campaigns can give you a high return on investment with time. It helps to test and track your campaigns continually and provides all necessary data to calculate ROI.

Discover Your Market

Google Ads yields information about customer preferences and requirements that businesses need. This includes keyword data customers use for searching, their location, devices, and the time of the week they are searching. You can use this information to refine marketing efforts on advertising to people who are interested in your business.

Trackable and easy results

PPC campaigns provide easy and popular industry tools to monitor and analyze key metrics. These include cost per click, cost per conversion, click-through rate, or quality score. Comparing your performance to benchmarks help you understand where to focus for improvement.

Get Started Developing A Winning Search Strategy

Nearly one-third of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses daily, and 60 percent of consumers do so at least once a week. We understand how critical it is for multi-location brands to develop relevant and targeted location-driven advertising strategies. To succeed with localized search advertising, your multi-location business must hit the right consumers at the right time and utilize keywords to make it onto the first page of search results.

With today’s technology, it’s possible to create localized search advertising campaigns for national brands at scale, and PPC Services India can help. PPC Services India has various local search tools such as the Listings and Local Pages that can help your multi-location business build a robust local search strategy and dominate the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

While there are other search engines, Google dominates the marketing world with Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). And it makes sense since most users go to Google to, you know, Google something.

Paid search advertising (also known as sponsored ads, search marketing, search engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and cost-per-click marketing) is a technique that displays ads in search engine results pages (SERPs) whenever someone searches for relevant keywords. This way, the audience that sees your ad is perfectly matched for each result. Since paid search ads are based on the explicit need of the users, rather than on implicit information and behaviors, search ads target lower funnel audiences and can increase click and conversion rates.

Search advertising (also known as paid search advertising or pay-per-click advertising) is a marketing technique that involves placing ads on search engine results pages. Brands that place ads in the search results pay a small fee every time a user clicks on the ad.

Search advertising is very effective; it is based on the explicit need of the users, rather than just on implicit information about what they might be after. This, naturally, increases the likelihood of clicks and conversion.

Whenever you look for a product or service online, Google (or any other search-engine provider) displays a results page consisting of both organic and sponsored results. The ads can be displayed in many ways, but search engines typically indicate which results are sponsored and which are not. Search ads are keyword-driven digital ads. The search term a user enters determines which ads appear on the search engine results page (SERP).

A search engine advertising agency is a business that provides online advertising services using search engine ad platforms like Google Ads to attract customers and deliver a promising ROI.

While some companies choose to approach search engine advertising manually, others work with agencies who specialize in tried-and-true techniques. Adding search engine marketing services to your marketing strategy takes your business to the next level. With a devoted team from a search engine advertising agency, you have an army of marketing professionals to draw in qualified leads and obtain results fast.

While each agency differs in its services, several best practices are common across companies.

Check out these five essential search engine advertising service features:

  • 1. Develop and strategize campaigns
  • 2. Do in-depth keyword research
  • 3. Set up relevant ads
  • 4. Target your ideal audience
  • 5. Test and enhance landing pages

We offer display ads as part of our overall PPC Services India. We manage your account top to bottom and build it to our best practices so it can function alongside some of our proprietary scripts & reporting tools. Once the new account is launched (typically 2-3 week turnaround), we begin daily/weekly/monthly optimizations. We're in constant contact as we work with your team to move your business forward and scale the account(s).

Our paid search advertising service works by conducting keyword research to identify the most relevant keywords for your business. We then create and optimize ads that are targeted to these keywords, and set up a campaign in a search engine’s advertising platform. We monitor and adjust the campaign on a regular basis, analyzing performance data to make adjustments and optimize results.

We measure the success of a paid search advertising campaign by analyzing metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and return on investment (ROI). We also track the performance of specific keywords and ad groups to identify areas for improvement.

The cost of running a paid search advertising campaign can vary depending on a variety of factors such as the industry, competition, and keywords. Typically, businesses will pay a fee each time a user clicks on one of their ads.

PPC SERVICES : Drive Sales With PPC Management Services

Pay-per-click (PPC) management services provide a professional service to manage your PPC campaign and strategy for a set fee.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

PPC Management Services

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management services are a form of advertising in which a service provider is hired to run advertisements on search engines, social media platforms, and other relevant channels in order to drive traffic to a website through click-through rates and/or website visits. A Pay-Per-Click management agency is aware of the objectives of its client and is committed to helping them reach their buyers, regardless of whether they are running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other forms of advertising.

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Remarketing Ads
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Remarketing Ads

Ads for remarketing are displayed to people who have visited your website and expressed interest in buying. With accurate audience segmentation and analytics, we can show you the ads for real-time products that people have actually viewed. With such a high-intent audience, our strategic remarketing strategy is perfect for following up.

Google Shopping Ads
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads (also known as Google PLA Ads or Google Shopping Ads) are an ideal tool for ecommerce and online retail businesses, as they are displayed in the carousel above the natural search results and in the shopping section of Google's GDN. This allows ecommerce companies to quickly rank their products at the forefront of Google's search results pages.

In-stream Ads
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

In-stream Ads

In-stream advertisements are also referred to as YouTube ads. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are displayed on the search results page of YouTube, on YouTube videos, and on Display Network video partners. YouTube ads showcase your brand in a distinctive and memorable manner. In-stream ads have recently been introduced on Facebook, enabling businesses to position advertisements in the optimal slots and natural interruptions in video content.

Local Services Ads
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Local Services Ads

Local service ads work on a pay-per-click (PPC) model. That means you’re not paying for clicks that aren’t leads. Local service advertising is only available in a handful of markets. HVAC company, electrician, plumber and locksmith are just a few examples. Our local service PPC firm works with local providers to increase the visibility of their businesses to their target audience.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

One of the most widely used forms of advertising in Gmail is GSP, which was launched in 2015. GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotion) allows recipients to send a customised message to a specific recipient. GSP is a form of advertising provided by Google, which is advertising that is placed directly in the inbox of the Gmail user.